11 Signing Time

It’s the craze that’s swept parenting – Baby Signing Time! Colin and Sharon discuss whether teaching sign language to your baby helps or hinders their ability to speak.

08 Hotel Sleeping

Colin and Sharon talk about how to get your child to stick with their normal bedtime routine when they’re not in their normal environment.

07a BONUS! More Babies Watching TV

Too much discussion about babies and TV for one podcast – here are some bonus thoughts about when it’s the right time to let your little one watch the boob tube.

07 Babies Watching TV

Should babies be allowed to watch TV? If so, at what age and how much time in front of the boob tube is appropriate? Colin and Sharon discuss.

06 Consistently Inconsistent

Colin and Sharon talk about the c-word (of parenting, that is), CONSISTENCY.

05 Does Baby Need A Schedule? Do You?

Is scheduling really that important, or are we creating a generation of inflexible kids? Sharon and Colin discuss what happens when parents put their kids’ schedules above a normal social life.

04 Baby Accident

Colin and Sharon tackle that horrible feeling you get when your kid gets hurt on your watch.

03 Baby Food Transition

What should baby eat? Only fresh foods and purees prepared at home? Or packets and the food off your plate? Colin and Sharon discuss…